About Us

The National Aquaculture Development Authority of Sri Lanka is the main state organization responsible for development of aquaculture industry in Sri Lanka. The Authority has recognized the significant role played by the ornamental fish industry in earning valuable foreign exchange to the country and creating employment opportunities. NAQDA facilitate the development of ornamental fish industry to upgrade their products from the present level and to increase Sri Lanka’s share of export in world markets.


NAQDA facilitate development of Ornamental fish industry through,
  • Provision of quality ornamental fish broodstock
  • Production of new strains of ornamental fish / aquatic plants
  • Increase volume of ornamental fish / plants
  • Provision of Technical advice
  • Support in fish health management
  • Training of ornamental fish farmers
  • Assist expansion of ornamental fish farming under “Divi Neguma” Programme
Our Centres
Ornamental Fish Breeding and Training Center – Rambodagalle

Main activities of Ornamental fish breeding and training Center


  • Provide training on ornamental fish farming
  • Supply of quality ornamental fish brooders to the farmers
  • To assist the farmers to maintain fish health
  • Disease diagnosis and advisory services
  • Supply of quality parent stock of ornamental aquatic plants
  • Conduct adaptive research on ornamental and aquatic plant culture


Ornamental fish species at Rambadagalla Centre





Gold Fish





Cat Fish



More information: 0094 -37- 2252048


Ornamental Fish Breeding Centre – Ginigathena

Main activities of Ornamental Fish Breeding Center


  • Production of Sword Tails and Platys
  • Research and Development on Neon Tetras
  • Research and Development on endemic freshwater ornamental fish species
  • Production of Koi Carps, Gold Fish
  • Improve product range of ornamental fish varieties with special reference to sword tail and platy
  • Supply quality brooders of ornamental fish
  • Conduct  applied research on ornamental fish farming


Ornamental fish species available at Ginigathena Centre



Sword Tail






More information: 0094 -51- 2242249


Ornamental Fish, Aquatic plants, Accessories Information and Exchange Center

The main objective of this Establishment is to develop ornamental fish industry by providing following services for Ornamental fish, Aquatic plants, Accessories Producers and Exporters in Sri Lanka.


  • Coordinating marketing activities between the breeders/out –growers and the exporters.
  •  Ornamental fish, Aquatic plants, Accessories and Publications Producers Introduction to local market
  • Giving the information about ornamental fish, aquatic plants, Accessories, Fish Feed, Medicines and Publications of Producers, Importers and Exporters.

More information: 0094 -11 – 2177032